The calm before the storm.

All things wonderful and stinky begin on Tuesday. In May, Denton and I will celebrate our 3 year 10 month anniversary. The truth is I'm just now getting things all figured out. You get everything dialed in, and then you move on before you really ever had time to enjoy it. I assume this happens often in life.

It's my last semester, bittersweet love.

Here's 7 things I'm finding fantastic.
1. usb hub = lame; Aphrodite statue = rad. Brought together? genius.
2. Loving these, these, and these.
3. nail polish color trends for 2011.
4. cute bag.
5. Obsessed with red hair lately.
6. okay, boots again. But, RAIN boots.
7. The cutest blog, about grilled cheese?!

Consider the "7 things," something that is going to happen around once a week.