I've been carrying around my Macbook in a vintage North Face backpack, which is basically just over-priced pink canvas. Anyways, it was getting beat to death. So I decided wrapping it in a pair of sweatpants and then putting in the backpack would be better, yes I'm a student.
I think something a little more classy needs to happen here.
If you know me, you know that I like containers. Anything and everything that holds..other things. So naturally I love cases.
Here's a few lovelies for your laptops.
Matt and Nat, Natural Vegan. $95.

Jumble Embossed, Marc By Marc Jacobs $50

Eley Kishimoto Sleeve, Encase $59.95

Rugged Leather Folio, Etsy $95

Recycled Billboard Banner, Etsy $64.00

iWooly Laptop Case, The Good Flock $110

Happy Valentines Day.