Dallas weather is kicking my ass. All I can think about is spring, bright clothes and graduating. Trying to keep up a good mood with this weeks forecast predicting snow again for Wednesday. Barnacles.
I live in Texas for a reason right? For heat and...I don't know. Highways.
Here's to 7 fun things.
1. Bright Springy purse.
2. Can you imagine. Instant happy mode.
3. Just because I'm digging red and white right now.
4. Another awesome bag.
5. I've been looking for a worky type thing, I've found it.
6. Pretty little knot.
7. I'm sure you've seen, but. Kim Kardashian, naked. well, painted.
Have a great week.

I like. 

Classes tomorrow.
And my first day at the Richards Partners. 

The calm before the storm.

All things wonderful and stinky begin on Tuesday. In May, Denton and I will celebrate our 3 year 10 month anniversary. The truth is I'm just now getting things all figured out. You get everything dialed in, and then you move on before you really ever had time to enjoy it. I assume this happens often in life.

It's my last semester, bittersweet love.

Here's 7 things I'm finding fantastic.
1. usb hub = lame; Aphrodite statue = rad. Brought together? genius.
2. Loving these, these, and these.
3. nail polish color trends for 2011.
4. cute bag.
5. Obsessed with red hair lately.
6. okay, boots again. But, RAIN boots.
7. The cutest blog, about grilled cheese?!

Consider the "7 things," something that is going to happen around once a week.
I've been reading around and apparently two thousand ten was not only the best year of my life, but the best year for many others. Words cannot describe the amount of change that has happened this year, and though its definitely had its pain in the ass moments, I wouldn't have it any other way.
In honor of all these whoohaw feelings and memories, here's 21 things I've learned along the way.
1. life -  They tell you its called "balancing," what they don't tell you is how hard it really is.
2. Everyone is stressed out. no really. It's called being an American.
3. Do what you love, and love what you do.
4. When inspiration strikes, by God, write it down.
5. Wake up, eager.
5. The only person you have to prove something to is yourself, no one should ever care as much as you.
6. Going to class sucked three years ago, and it still sucks.
7. I could kill someone and my parents would still defend me. No, seriously. That's love.
8. Clothes. 2010 was my year of clothes. Let's hope that trend grows.
9. Cole Kirkpatrick is my best friend, my support system, my asshole, my one and only lovey.
10. Franklin and Eva are flourishing, plants can be pets. So what?
11. Lillian, we dreamed of living together 4 years ago when we were jumping on trampolines and stealing street signs, it happened.
12. I had a professor love creativity and push me to learn things other than academia. Hell yes.
13. I've had over 13 jobs so far, the best one happened in 2010. Thank you, Outdoor Pursuits.
14. Be kind.
15. Who cares if I was a fat child who only read books, now I'm the size 4 smartie.

16. I don't think I'll ever really know anything for certain. Let me try not to go crazy.

17. Again, lets try not to go crazy.

18. Don't sweat the small or the big. But, You will anyways.

19. That party I didn't go to last night, yeah, I couldn't have missed out that much. 

20. Stop living in the future, that's another one of those crazy makers.

21. Don't let yourself down. Don't let someone else down.

This is probably the first year I haven't  created resolutions. Maybe its contentment? or maybe its the profound  knowledge that resolutions suck. For someone that wakes up at night to write down to-do's, let's get crazy and just go with the flow.

Happy belated birthday mother earth.

awesome right?
I do believe my father has a new project.


Planners are a way of life for me. Not really, but yes. 
I wanted to find one that was equal parts rad and functional. 
Meet my new friend. 

Happy weekend.

Its been too long since I’ve posted but I promised myself that over the break I plan on doing a blog makeover, complete with new posts and links to things I love.

I turn 21 this Wednesday and the thing I’m looking forward to the most is time spent with friends, and maybe a mimosa for breakfast. The end of December is bringing relaxation after a tough semester, new beginnings, and another birthday.

Here’s to time passing.

At one particular coffee shop in New Hampshire there was this sign that I found both inspiring and dreamy.

Do what you love.